Wednesday, August 29

Speecy Love

No words, just click:

*jaw drops*

Wednesday, August 22

Bourne Ultimatum

I wanted to blog about this on Sunday but never got around to it...

Anyway, watched the last (?) of the Bourne flicks at the weekend, and I have to say it's a bloody good piece of entertainment: superb set-pieces handled with aplomb by Paul Greengrass, who prior to directing the previous Supremacy wasn't exactly known for making action flicks, but with these two under his belt, not to mention the very tense United 93 then I reckon he should take Michael Bay, Kurt Wimmer, Len Wiseman, et al under his tutelage and give them a crash-course in directing action sequences with an added touch of intelligence thrown in.

When I saw the first Bourne Identity knowing very little about it (except that I was a fan of Doug Liman's Go) I was pleasantly surprised at the American's out-Bond-ing Bond, and Matt Damon definitely gives a better performance of a more realistic Government agent (which is probably why Broccolli & Co went back to basics with Casino Royale).

By the time James presses that tinny button on his watch, Bourne would've whacked him unconcious with the nearest rolled-up newspaper.

But, Bourne needed the British touch which is why the series - under the helm of the English Greengrass - has progressed in leaps and bounds, and I'm pretty certain there will be fourth - though without Damon and Greengrass they may has well not bother.

Friday, August 10

Deployment Strategy

It's not often you find low-budget short films with visual effects that wouldn't look out of place on a big-budget feature, but I've found one: an unashamed sf action-fest which just looks stunning.

Watch the trailer - it's fantastic.

It's only science fiction...

... and only for geeks and saddo's. Well, possibly, but it's also a genre of thinkers and future-gazers.

It's not often I agree with the Daily Torygraph, but a bloody good article.