Sunday, September 30


Tad hungover this morning - went to my cousin's wedding reception, and imbibed far too much Old Speckled Hen and absolutely murdered American Pie on the karoake.

Still, we enjoyed ourselves.

Plus, Wales are out of the Rugby World Cup. :(

Monday, September 17

"Wassup, doc?"

Apologies for lack of posting - not that I've been insanely busy, just a slightly "meh" attitude to updating the blog; lack of motivation, I think it's called. Mind you, Pendragon has been taking up some time as of late...

Anyway, the title of this blog: refers to a line spoken by Paul Giamatti from the film Shoot'Em-Up (which I saw last night). A total, rawkin' blast; a balls to the wall action-fest, where you leave your brain the foyer. Surrounded by a head bangin' metal soundtrack, we join Giamatti (obviously enjoying himself playing the bad-guy) along with Clive Owen and the gorgeous Monica Bellucci in a tale which takes a smidge from John Woo's Hard Boiled but it's mainly an extremely violent live-action Looney Tunes with Bugs and Elmer Fudd.

The plot makes no sense and there are so many deux ex machina moments that make you slap your forehead, but director Michael Davis (along with the cast) put so much, well, craziness into the production that you just can't help but get sucked in.

How can you not like a film which features an aerial/free-fall gun-fight? It's shit, but damn good shit. ;-)