Friday, November 30

"This bloke came upto me..."

Being a fan of Pete & Dud, and their alter-egos Derek & Clive, this particular animation is rather good (though it does contain strong language):

If you prefer Pete & Dud, without the language, then you'd probably like this clip from Not Only, But Also:

One of the funniest things is watching Dud "corpse" it... and Pete making him "corpse" it.

Peter Cook will always be funny, but he really needed Dudley Moore to help him out - that's the true nature of a comedy double-act: either without the other is rarely as funny.

Tuesday, November 27

Genius at Work

Courtesy of Gary Greenwood I clicked this link and discovered something that I knew for a very long time...

cash advance

Of course, there is fine line between genius and madness but hey-ho! who cares... ;-)


Thursday, November 22

"You never fuckin' 'eard of the Millennium Nova?"

Taff Wars: where Star Wars meets South Wales... tidy. :-)

'S funny, but I suppose if you don't live in South Wales then you probably won't get the joke.

Saturday, November 10

Back in the Day....

This is almost turning out to be a semi-regular trip down nostalgia lane, but I don't care!

Anyway, one of my very favourite games on the Speecy was this - Carrier Command:

You were basically in charge of a super-aircraft carrier in some far-future land with just one task: to capture more islands in an archipelago than your enemy from the opposite end. It was absolutely submersive: whole hours would disappear, as you tried to combat each island's defences, not to mention making sure your own carrier and aircraft were intact... they don't make 'em like they used to.

The clip is a recording from the audio tape that came with the game - the in-game music (being a Speccy was shite) so David Lowe was allowed some proper recording equipment. It's great. :)

After the Speccy, I upgraded to an Atari ST and thankfully Carrier Command was vastly improved, but this next game I don't think can be beaten for sheer scope: Starglider 2 - an entire solar system of planets to explore...