Tuesday, July 17


For the past year or so, I feel as if I'm walking into a Dilbert cartoon strip every day...

What is it with management and the ethos where they should keep their workforce in the dark about matters pertaining to their job or the company? Do they believe we're not mature enough to take it?

It's not like we're a big company - there's only nine of us, including the MD, yet the level of communication is frankly fuck all; mushrooms and shit come to mind.

And there's so much of the latter flying around, chinese whispers and so forth: the MD is down in London today with a meeting, he has another scheduled next week with another company we deal with, and now our technology/software manager is leaving - to work for a company in Brisbane, a subsidiary of our main business "partner".

If we're finished, I basically want to know - the less information is available, the more the whispers grow; but, the MD is of the American school of management and talks in spin...

He's a nice enough guy, and obviously under pressure, but he knows I also run my own business - admittedly, it's small, but I do have an inkling what it's like...

If the shit does hit the fan, then that's probably all the kick up the arse I need to think about going full-time.

But, I just want to know, god-dammit!

Anyway, this cheered me up: Hitler is banned from Xbox Live!

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