Wednesday, August 29

Speecy Love

No words, just click:

*jaw drops*


Peter Pan said...

Brilliant ... shame they missed Fred off though.
V impressed they managed to get Jet Set Willy II - in his space suit!

Bob Lock said...

The things programmers could do with 48k eh?

Gary said...

Atic Atac! Jet Set Willy! Manic Miner! Dynamite Dan! Knightlore! Ant Attack!

Cheers, mate - that brought back a whole lot of memories.

Chris said...

Don't forget "Skool Daze" in the bottom left...

Yep, they sure knew how to program them days - unlike the bloated software now that takes a gig of memory and gig's and gig's of hard disk space.

Simon Haynes said...

I'm still playing them in an emulator ;-)

I have a dozen Sinclair machines of different types stashed away around the house, from the ZX80 to the +3, microdrives to ZX printers and more.

I'm on the lookout for a 10" LCD screen with video in, and once I get that I'll be set. (According to one ZX hardware forum someone is building an SD-card to Sinclair interface. Now that'd be interesting.)