Tuesday, October 30


gI've heard of them, but so far they haven't been down here... until tonight: a chugger knocked on my door this evening, not quarter of an hour ago.

Now, I'm not a heartless soul and give to charity as and when I see it, but knocking on your door soliciting for business is, well, rather uncharitable if you ask me.

Mind you, it doesn't surprise me considering the plethora of media advertising I've seen recently - the NSPCC being a prime candidate: they ask for just £2 a month. Okay, fair enough, but of that £2 a month how much actually goes towards helping a child, compared to say the cost of producing and airing the advert (Saatchi & Saatchi aren't cheap, you know...)

What I suggest is this: instead of producing these cheap info-mercials (I think that's the term) and hiring commercial agencies, how about using the money raised for the purpose it was meant for and that is to stop child cruelty. Full stop.

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m.west31 said...

Absolutely - I bought my full-stop from a box at the till in BHS, which probably didn't cost thousands to produce and yet more thousands to actually air.

Having said that, we had a chugger visit last week (never knew that was the term for them) and I caved and bought a St Georges flag pin badge.