Thursday, December 20

Nadolig Llawen!

I know what you're all thinking, and it's the same question that has plagued your mind since you were a little nipper: what does Father Christmas do during the rest of the year?

I think I've found the answer... 'tis rather shocking:

I wonder if he got a discount?

Tungston-Carbide drill?

What the bloody hell is it? ;-)

Saturday, December 15


This is a song about buying a packet of condoms?


Wednesday, December 12

If only...

... not that long ago, there was a little spat concerning the Union Jack and how it should be re-designed to incorporate the Welsh dragon (as it stands now, the flag only represents England and Scotland - Wales, being a principality, isn't officially a country and is technically part of England).

Many - including myself - didn't give a toss either way, but it got tongues wagging and made a few column inches in various media outlets (which was handy since Brown's Government was under some strain at the time... conspiracy, moi?)

Anyway, via a messageboard, I found this "reader-designed" flag courtesy of the Telegraph:

Well, I for one reckon it's by far the coolest flag I've ever seen (it's on the Shaft-scale of cool-ness); absolutely tremendous and should be instated immediately as the Nation's emblem.

Then, how about this for the new Anthem?

Yeah? ;-)

Sunday, December 9

All change...

I'm off; after six - almost seven - years, I handed in my notice. The job I'm going to isn't ideal (but then is anything?) but it's closer, which means less travelling and subsequently a saving of £80 or so a month in fuel, and around the same salary despite a shorter working week (Sunday night to Thursday night).

Of course, if the boss actually offered me an increase in salary then perhaps my decision could be swayed, but he hasn't and so I'm off.

In other news, the Pendragon site was finally unveiled to the world last Wednesday - point your browser to and marvel in it's glory. ;-)

I was actually down in London on Friday night for the BFS Open night - there to launch the latest PP title, No-Man and Other Tales. A splendid night, it must be said; I sold most of what I brought, which meant that I covered my costs. Waa-heyyyy!

Mind you, I did end up browsing Foyles on Charing Cross Road and buying a bag-ful of books, so I suppose what I made I negated. Damn you, Foyles!

(Of course, you could all pop along to the new site and buy a book or two... it would help, and they would make marvellous Christmas presents.)