Thursday, July 5

"I ain't bovvered!"

Well, it's official: Catherine Tate is the new assistant for Doctor Who. To be honest, I do like Ms Tate and that I wasn't exactly hooping for joy when Billie Piper was originally cast (yet, I grew to like Rose and almost shed a tear when she left...) so I'm keeping an open-mind, but after the superb episode "Blink" many Whovians were calling on Carey Mulligan to be appointed as the new assistant, and I was one of them (not that I'd call myself a Whovian, more like a proto-Dr Who fan). She was not only very pleasing on the eye, but also gave a very good performance as Sally Sparrow, the episode's protagonist.

Also, I always thought the Doctor's assistants were younger than he was, which added to the whole "uncle" persona.

Anyway, I'm sure Russell T Davies knows what he's doing... I hope, though I reckon he should be giving more episodes to Steven Moffat and Paul Cornell.

Just my five-cents worth - excuse the Americanism.


Mark said...

Not at all sure, I find Catherine Tate quite grating after a while.

I agree about Sally from "Blink" though.

nomis said...

Blissfully, my only exposure to Ms Tate is from the Christmas special, so I'll be able to watch the next series with an open mind about her.

And it's probably best the new companion isn't "Sally Sparrow", as now I can actually follow the stories — with Sparrow, I'd be too distracted plotting to bed her.

Anonymous said... that someone different from the chick that plays Martha Jones? We're just now getting series three over here in the states. Lol, and it's "two cents worth".