Wednesday, December 12

If only...

... not that long ago, there was a little spat concerning the Union Jack and how it should be re-designed to incorporate the Welsh dragon (as it stands now, the flag only represents England and Scotland - Wales, being a principality, isn't officially a country and is technically part of England).

Many - including myself - didn't give a toss either way, but it got tongues wagging and made a few column inches in various media outlets (which was handy since Brown's Government was under some strain at the time... conspiracy, moi?)

Anyway, via a messageboard, I found this "reader-designed" flag courtesy of the Telegraph:

Well, I for one reckon it's by far the coolest flag I've ever seen (it's on the Shaft-scale of cool-ness); absolutely tremendous and should be instated immediately as the Nation's emblem.

Then, how about this for the new Anthem?

Yeah? ;-)

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Gary said...

Actually, mate, it shows England Scotland and Northern Ireland at the moment as it's made up of the three crosses of the patron saints: St George (red vertical and horizontal on a white background) for England; St Andrew (white diagonal on a blue background) for Scotland; and St Patrick (red diagonal on a white background) for Northern Ireland.

All it would need is St David's cross (yellow horizontal and vertical on a black background) for Wales and it's done.

As a bonus, that would fuck off the BNP/NF's chant of "There ain't no black in the Union Jack" which would be nice.