Thursday, January 17


Last week fucked me up; had one of those "bug" things going around - no vomiting (thankfully), but whatever it was knocked me for six for two days: uncontrollable shivering, nauseous, and the inability to sleep (to the point that when I was lying in bed, my mind "dreamt" of three or four things at once and therefore it couldn't shut down). Again, I felt like Reznik.

But, once it passed I was much better; and now, I'm in that welcome routine of work-sleep-play-work-sleep-play, albeit at different times to you. Mind you, it does help having a pair of thick curtains to block out the day-light, and the fact that it's still dark when I go to sleep - be interesting to see if I'll find it this easy when BST starts...

In other news, started work on Triquorum III and should be putting The Reef to bed in a couple of weeks (ready for it's launch at Eastercon - whose going?)

I also received my self-assessment tax bill today... eeek. The less said about that the better.

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